About Minuteman Medicine

Vision Statement

To glorify God by obeying the great and first commandment as well as the second: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind AND you shall love your neighbor as yourselves.

Mission Statement

Minuteman Medicine’s mission is to provide the absolute best quality medical care available in the world today and to help our patients realize their health potential and allow them to achieve their personal best.

Business Model

When you are a patient of Minuteman Medicine, you are stepping out of conventional healthcare and into a model of health care from yesteryear. You will be
given comprehensive and individualized care that is evidence-based and suited to your personal needs.
Minuteman Medicine offers a full line of services including Primary Care, Lifestyle Medicine and Pulmonology. (Nephrology will be coming very soon). For those that don’t have time to come in or just want to stay home, telemedicine is an option. We also offer urgent care services for when you’re sick or injured. As always, if it’s a medical emergency such as stroke or heart attack symptoms, please go to the nearest ER.
Our Name
The name “Minuteman Medicine” was chosen because I wanted a name that would describe several things. First, we wanted a name that would let people know this is a health care organization, hence the word “medicine” in our name. When people hear the word “medicine”, they typically think of the art and science of diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases. We also wanted a name that describes the timeliness of which you can expect to
be seen after making an appointment. “Minuteman” was chosen because during the Revolutionary War, the “minutemen” were a highly mobile, rapidly deployable force that were able to immediately
respond to war threats. That’s the same with us; we respond very quickly to our patient’s needs, usually within 24 hours, if not immediately.

Our Beliefs

At Minuteman Medicine, we believe God is the Creator of all things. We subscribe to the belief that Jesus is the great physician and that we are just members of His church using our talents to further His Kingdom. We know that sickness and death are
a direct result of mankind’s sin and the original fall in the garden. We also know that God gave us plants for food which can directly affect many disease processes and in some cases, cure and reverse disease. We are not perfect, as no one is. But we will do our best to provide you the health care you deserve as one of God’s highest and greatest creations.

Why does our slogan have health care as two words? Healthcare as one word describes the system of healthcare, which is unfortunately spiraling out of control in America. Minuteman Medicine was founded to be a much-needed alternative to the status-quo and offer a true HEALTH CARE approach for treating our patients.

Health Care as two words describes what
happens to a patient – the actions provided by the physician, nurse, and other medical personnel to a patient. This is hopefully an interactive event, with participation by both the provider and the patient.
Not only that, we will do our best to see you same day or at least within 24h. You will not have to wait weeks to be seen. We will take walk-ins as well. Of course, as a walk-in, our appointments take priority, but you will be seen in a timely manner.

Our Providers

Donna Sanders, DO

Dr. Donna Sanders did her training at the
Pikeville College School of Osteopathic
Medicine in Pikeville, KY. Then, she went to Norton, VA and completed and Internal Medicine internship and residency. Finally,
she went to the Medical University of South
Carolina and completed a fellowship in
Nephrology. Dr. Sanders is board certified in Internal Medicine and has been practicing Internal Medicine and Nephrology since 2010.

Michael Sanders, DO

Dr. Michael Sanders did his training at the
Pikeville College School of Ostoepathic
Medicine in Pikeville, KY. He then went to
Norton, VA for his internship and residency in Internal Medicine. Afterwards, he completed a Pulmonary fellowship at Palmetto Richland Hospital / University of South Carolina. He is dually board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Medicine. He will hopefully be adding a third board certification soon – Lifestyle Medicine. He has been practicing Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine since 2010.

Areas of Expertise

Conditions Treated

Coronary artery disease


High cholesterol
Atrial fibrillation Cellulitis Joint pains
Pulmonary hypertension Diabetes Obesity
COPD Black lung Strep throat
Flu Urinary tract infections Ear infections
pneumonia COVID Sarcoidosis
Cough Interstitial lung disease Congestive heart failure
bronchiectasis Allergies Strains and sprains
Cuts and bruises Acute and chronic kidney disease Sinus Infections


Procedures and Diagnostics

Full PFT’s Strep and flu swabs Joint aspiration and injection
Urine dips Most basic labs Splinting
Wart removal Skin biopsies Skin tag removal
COVID testing Sutures (stitches) Vaccines
Mono Test Xray H. Pylori
Fecal Occult Blood RSV Testing Chemistry Panels
Liver Panels Cholesterol Testing Hemoglobin A1c Testing


Lifestyle Medicine

Coming Soon

We’re Here Whenever You Need Us


(606) 949-1006

Open Hours

Mon – Fri: 12PM – 10PM
Sat – Sun: Closed


17721 KY 122

Hi Hat, KY 41636